Thursday, August 7, 2014

North Carolina Home Sweet Home

Moving in....

It's physically and emotionally exhausting!

But we are here! 
Tackling the walls of boxes before us and checking off some DIY updates to the house as we go!

I always love sharing with y'all how we make these duty station houses feel like home
and this go around may be the most epic yet!

We are loving the area and the community is more wonderful than I dreamed it would be!

I'll be in and out of here until the house is settled but I truly can't wait to share with y'all what has been taking place in our home and in my heart!


PS. It's a Jack-In-The-Box! Best paper stomper this side of the Mississippi!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

In Limbo

The littles and I have been at my parent's for over a week now,
Mr. Doozie to NC to start work and all of our home goods to a storage facility.

So here we are,
in limbo....waiting for our house on base to be available. 

I am blessed with sweet, kind, generous parents that have opened their home to us during this time. My crew has taken over their empty nest and they couldn't be more gracious about the invasion ;)

Yet, it's still a strange place to be; 
in-between homes, back under the roof you were raised but with children of your own, routines off kilter, living out of suitcases, living in limbo.

So this is where I am, where I will be for the next few weeks. I'm trying to take advantage of the freedom of being houseless. Pool days, lazy mornings over coffee, a nursery set being sewed, I'm even reading fiction (gasp)! We are missing Mr. Doozie oh so much! But I'm hoping that when the boys look back on this summer they won't remember the displacement as much as they remember their summer vacation spent at Mimi and Papa's. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It's Move Week

Move week for us is always exciting but it's also crazy exhausting.

I enjoy moving around the country, tackling the task of making a new house feel like home, unpacking boxes feels like Christmas to me...

But the one part I wish I could skip over is all the prep that comes before the packers show up.

Compiling a "do not pack" list, 
making sure we set aside enough to get by before our household goods show up, 
dissembling furniture and agonizing over the decision to let the movers pack heirlooms...
We live in a sate of limbo and I'll be honest it's not a pretty state to see me in.

Bless, Mr. Doozie's heart, he carries me well; writing check-off lists for rooms and dishing outs lots of "it's all good" or "hey, in the end who cares if they pack my running shoes with your ball gowns" 
Ummm...maybe we could leave out that last one ;)

We each have our strong suits and while this part of moving is not one of mine, it is for him.
I'm thankful for this team I'm on.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

My New Favorite Breakfast-Bulgur Wheat "Porridge"

This y'all, is fantastic!

My new go to breakfast in the mornings with the bonus that my entire crew loves it!

You can serve it warm in the morning for breakfast
or cold in the evening as a hippie dippy dessert (think rice pudding).

This makes a big batch but then we eat it over the course of a few days.


Bulgur Wheat "Porridge"

1 cup quick cooking Bulgur Wheat (I like Bob's Red Mill brand)
2 cups cold water
1 (13.5oz) can full fat coconut milk
1 tablespoon agave or maple syrup
1/2 tsp of each- cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves
(you can also sub a nice full teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice if needed)
1/2 cup golden raisins (or any other dried fruit)
1/2 cup sliced almonds

Combine the bulgur and water in a pot and bring to a boil. Cover with a lid and simmer for 12-15 minutes till tender. Drain excess water and then add the coconut milk and spices and stir well. Serve in bowls and top with nuts and fruit! Easy peasy, delicious and healthy!

And while we are talking about it 
let me just tell you how fantastically healthy bulgur wheat is for you! 
It's a nutritional powerhouse, google it, you'll be amazed!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Family Pictures!!!

We are starting a new tradition!
Nearing the end of each duty station we will schedule family pictures at whatever spot has become special to our family. A great way to document the boys growing up and all the amazing parts of the country we have lived in!

We were blessed to be able to work with Chad Diblasio from DiBlasio Photography. He captured exactly what I was hoping for and I'm so excited to share photos with y'all today!

The pictures were taken at our favorite local farm where we get much of our produce from as well as our Christmas tree each year (anyone remember the post about the Great Christmas Tree Fall of 2012??). The boys have learned so much about farm life out there and a bit of our hearts will be left there when we move. 

Enjoy the photos!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Where We Are

This road to adoption has been full of twists and turns 
Doors open and then doors close
Our hearts have been stretched and molded
We've cried joyous tears and ones full of frustration
Yet one thing has remained,
a certainty that this is the path we are supposed to be on.

We are finally at a point where I can look back and see what in the world these past years have been for.

You see, as much as I would have said otherwise, my vision for our adoption was in a tiny, neat box. 

Overseas, healthy infant, no strings attached.

When we were accepted into India's program
I was thrilled.

But then India closed their doors to international adoption
When they reopened it was only for special needs children and we were asked to consider a special needs adoption.

My box was starting crack open
but with much prayer we felt like God was leading and we needed to follow.

Our agency then asked us to wait and hold off on our home studies till we moved so that nothing would have to be repeated.

Wait.....oh how I'm learning to love that word.

 During that waiting period God did a lot with our hearts.

Counting the time we prayed and discussed our adoption options through being accepted into a program till now we have been waiting for 

five years....

It's easy to get frustrated, to want to cry my eyes out everyday because this isn't moving faster. 

But when we were asked to hold off on our home studies,
things started moving in our hearts and all around us.

Through a series of events we found ourselves being presented at every opportunity
with the suggestion of being foster parents.

And I'm talking smack you in the face, completely undeniable, God might as well have sent a burning bush  kind of signs and suggestions. 

Oh, me oh my.....this was so far from my neat and tidy adoption box I had secretly been hiding in my heart.

So about 4 months ago Bill and I sat down and had a talk that broke our hearts wide open.

We've been so caught up in the wait, so focused on ourselves in this journey as being the ones who are waiting.

But the second we let the thoughts of fostering sink it, it was as if a light bulb went off.

This is exactly what we've been called to all along.

From the beginning we've had the name Selah in our hearts. Really ever since we talked about starting a family, Selah was there. 

In Hebrew it means "to pause" and now I am seeing this name, this word as so much more. 

That maybe all along this was His plan and He was just waiting for our hearts to come around to it.

That while we wait for our daughter, for our adoption, we can have the opportunity to be His hands and feet. The opportunity to love on little ones who are hurting, the opportunity for our home to be a refuge....a place to pause....Selah.

Oh God has been so patient with us. It took us FIVE years to get here to stop being so afraid of the mess and embrace what is truly right for us and our family.

We are not going into this naively; we are very aware of the chances for heartbreak. But I will tell you right now I've never felt lighter in this journey. 

It took a bit of explaining to the boys of what fostering to adopt could look like. They too have been waiting for their sister to come home. But once we explained that maybe one, maybe two, maybe three or four little ones could come through our house before it's our "Selah" they were fully on board. I'm ever so thankful for their tender hearts and desire to help others, it was a proud mommy moment when it clicked for them.

So the new Waiting For Selah plan is that we will enter the Foster to Adopt program in North Carolina once we move.

We will have about 10 weeks of training to go through and then we will see....

At this point (but believe me it's not a box) we are open to fostering a little girl 0-3 years old with the possibility of being special needs. I'm shaking my head as I type that out because I'm pretty sure God is shaking his head at me ;)

We are so thankful for everyone who has counseled us, prayed for us, dropped of clothing and baby gear, for those who have let us cry and those who have lifted us up. This journey is so much bigger than we ever expected and we truly are beyond thankful for each and everyone of you!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Home Is Wherever My Marine Is

As cheesy as it sounds, it's the absolute truth!

 And I wouldn't have it any other way.

This will be our 7th move since we've been married,
and I might add we've only been married for 8 years!

That's a lot of packing and unpacking people!

Thankfully as Mr. Doozie's career has settled into a rhythm so are our moves,
coming about every 3 years now.

The movers will be here in 14 days and the adventure begins again!
This time we are heading to Jacksonville, NC!

We chose to live on base this go around for a few reasons:
1. the community (the mister will be deploying)
2. the community (I've missed living amongst other military families)
3. the community!!! (no, but really, we have friends in the neighborhood and among the 2 dozen houses they are counting 23 children under the age of 7 come this summer! I'm so excited for my boys!)

Also the fact the the hubs can walk to work, the house is on the water and home maintenance is just a phone call away, made this an easy decision for us. We lived on base in CA and are looking forward to the experience again. 

So do you want to see the house??? Thankfully I have someone on the inside ;)

The homes were built in the 1930's so while we are gaining almost 400sqft all the closets and bedrooms are a bit on the small side which will require a bit of creativity.

A girlfriend of mine who lives in the area is choosing not to say her family lives in an old home but a legacy home! Ha! I love it! And when you think about it she's right. 

These homes held families through WWII, The Korean War (which Marines were heavily involved in), The Vietanam War, Dessert Storm, OIF and OEF.  
Their wall's have witnessed more homecomings, tears shed, prayers whispered, laughter and heartache than I can imagine.

I'm actually honored to be able to call it our home for a few short years. 

Also the fact that it overlooks the water and our dear, dear friends live a few houses over makes this move over the top for us. 

I've already been dreaming up how we will make this house work for us, take a peek at the floor plan 

Let's talk about a few of the rooms!

I love my man :) The second I asked if the largest room downstairs could be used as the School/Craft room not only did he immediately say yes, but also suggested a HUGE handmade table out of 100year old pier wood to be the center of the room :) Yes please!
The School/Craft Room is the perfect size to host Craft Nights, work on custom orders and contain school life in one designated spot!

The Dining Room was bounced into what Southerners call The Carolina Room.
With windows on three sides and views of the water I think it will be a beautiful place to eat our meals! And see that one wall on the floor plan picture? That's where the coffee bar from Fixer Upper will be! I told Mr. Doozie it really is a NEED thing ;)

The boys are taking a major downsize with their room. Thankfully, the bunk beds will fit. But we are looking into lego storage solutions and toy purging like crazy. 

We are also giving up a guest room in lieu of a room ready for our girl
(pretty sure our guests will be okay with that)
I will be sharing on Friday all the news on the adoption home front 
But I will say, the movers will be unpacking the crib!

Another thing about moving so often is that we get to try new color schemes!
This is the new paint pallet we are going with this time;

I keep penciling in colors for rooms and then switching them around so we will see what colors land where but I'm loving this collection!

And finally, Mr. Doozie gave this door knocker to me for our anniversary last month. Did y'all know bronze is the traditional 8th year gift? I did not, but thankfully I'm married to a romantic guy who knows this kind of stuff or at least how to google it ;) 

I love that it will be the first thing you see when you walk up to our home!

That's a wrap on the home front. 
It will be fun to share the reality of it all coming together over the summer!