Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Excuse the dust!

While Domestic Doozie is not fully up and running again I wanted to pop in and say "Please excuse the dust!" In-between school, normal life and move preparations I'm working hard on sorting old posts and learning to write code; a few more weeks and things will feel tidy around here!

That being said a little fire has been lit under me! Look what my sister texted me today!

That would be an entire article about the nursery I sewed for my darling niece, Piper, in the Wacoan Magazine! Ohmygosh! A serious honor! 

So if you are visiting for the first time~welcome! I took the time to at least get the nursery post and the flower monogram post up in the DIY Doozie gallery. Bear with me, I have few hundred posts to reorganize....eeeek! But I do hope you'll be back for more!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring is a-coming!!

And so is a new blog look! 
I needed some time to reset my priorities and focus in on my family. 
My heart is so full and I have much to share. I'll be back in this space sooner than later.
Can't wait to share all the new changes!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Let's Catch Up!

This post is going to jump all over the place
so you'll have to forgive me.

Instead of a few posts to catch y'all up I thought I'd 
truncate it into one hot mess!

Whoa ladies! Y'all have kept it hopping, I can barely stay in stock!!
Thank you a million times over!

Today I put up some new listings,
enter the code below for a happy little discount!

If an item sold out already, have no fear! I'm waiting on a shipment of supplies.
They should be here any day now!

School has kept me so busy with the boys.
We are having a ball this year, but wowza it makes for a full day.
I'm amazed that there are mommas out there that run small businesses and homeschool multiple kiddos…..
Coffee and Prayer are the only things keeping me going ;) 

We attempted family pictures for our Christmas card a few weeks back.
 Dora hated the hat.
 The boys created "bat wings" in more pictures than I can count.
 Dora really hated her hat…...
And the boys barely recovered from an accidental kiss!

Thankfully we got one perfect shot, which you will see later in the month.

This one was cute, not the shot for the card, but cute enough.
We were going for a very holly jolly look this year.

Starting today and going through Tuesday I am part of an Instagram auction
to help the Barge family pay down their cancer bills.

Follow @_hanmade_ on Instagram to bid!

And to wrap things up, a little update on the adoption!

This was the announcement we sent out a few weeks ago:

Through much prayer and patience, God has continued to guide our path to bring our daughter into our home. Currently that path has brought us to work with a newly founded adoption foundation in our local area. One of our dear friends Shannon from our church plant has a heart for children in need of a permanent home and began an organization to pair children with a forever home. Across the United States there are about 400,000 children in the foster care system and of those over 100,000 are waiting for adoption. These 100,000 children have had their parental rights severed for a number of reasons but that action is permanent. They need a permanent home. We feel like God has brought us to this point/place/time with intent and so have begun the process of working with Shannon and her group to bring Selah home through the Dept of Health and Human Services. India is still a very large part of our heart but it would seem that at this moment God has placed this organization and these children in our life for a reason.

Eventually I will sit down and write out the entire story of how this turn of events came to be. It was undeniable that this was the path we are suppose to be on right now.

I hope y'all are enjoying this season. 
I know it can be so full, so busy, and well….so stressful.

This year I'm saying "no" to all of that. We trimmed down decorations, declined extra social events,
and instead are pulling our kiddos close and remembering the sweetness of this season.

Love you guys!
Thank you for reading, for being a part of my family's life!

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Teacher Shoppe

Happy Friday!

I have a fun announcement to share with y'all today!

It was a big decision to leave etsy, but I'm thrilled to announce my new shop!
With this new storefront I can firmly say that 100% of your purchase goes towards the adoption!
On etsy there were too many fees that were pulling from any profit I made so this switch is 
very exciting for us.

All the items in the shop are perfect for teacher gifts, 
but honestly would be perfect for many people on your holiday list!
You can click on the "shop" tab at the top of the page 
or click HERE!

I only have a few of each item and they are selling out fast! 
Good news is my mom is coming down this weekend to help me restock! 
So shop away ;)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Tomatos! Onions! Peppers!
So yum....
Especially when there are chips involved!

Our little family can put away a jar of salsa a week!
This can add up fast, so I like to make it from scratch whenever I can.

Thankfully our CSA boxes have been filled with peppers and tomatoes as of late. 
Which means I've been in the kitchen chopping up a storm.
 I dont have a set recipe since I try and use only what I have on hand.
But for the most part if you stick to the basics you can't go wrong.

Tomatoes, peppers, onion, salt, pepper, lemon, cilantro and cumin.
Then taste test as you go (that's the best part of the job).

I use my blender on pulse mode. 
In the past we preferred chunky style salsa, more like a Pico de Gallo. 
Now that the kids are eating it they prefer it a little more combined.
If you are in need of a set recipe,
I'll have to send  you over to The Pioneer Woman. 
Her salsa's are amazing and a perfect place to start before going freestyle ;)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall Pumpkin Carving Class

I have so much to catch up on with y'all!
Lots of changes are going on around here
and it is keeping me busy!

But my goal through the holidays is to be more consistent on here.

So, with that I want to share some pictures from 
a recent pumpkin carving class that Mr. Doozie and I went to.

My house is being overtaken by pumpkins this season and I love it!

Adding these to your Thanksgiving tablescape will be a showstopper for sure!

 The pumpkins are carved with a linoleum cutter! 
I was amazed at how easy it was to use them. 
You can find them HERE

A little tip if you choose to buy one.
All your line carving is done with the #2 blade
and circle cutouts with the #5 blade.

 Mr. Doozie was one of the few men in attendance. 
He sure does love me ;)

 We worked on little practice pumpkins which I would recommend you do before 
tackling the one you plan to display. 
There wasn't a huge learning curve but the practice made us more confident. 
We are steadily working away at home on some larger pumpkin projects for Thanksgiving.
Stay tuned for pictures. 
Also, if there is a lot of interest I would be happy to post a full tutorial.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Tablescape

 Taking a spin around Blogger and Pinterest has assured me 
that I am very late to the game when it comes to sharing Fall decor.

Nevertheless, I thought I'd share how our little dinning room table is set up for the season.

My mom was a huge help when it came to what is actually on the three tiered tray;
we scoured Pinterest for ideas and we found a formula for the ones we were attracted to.

Top tier ~ light and airy items
Middle tier ~ the heaviest items of the grouping
Bottom tier ~ smaller unusual items

I think sticking with that formula is exactly what I need to do 
if I want to incorporate serving trays into my decorating. 
Hopefully it helps you too!

The rest of the items in the pictures will have links 
to where they were purchased or tutorials I used
at the end of this post!

Happy Fall Y'all!

Pallet Post, including stain used and how we hung it can be found HERE.
My tutorial for the Easy Photo Art that is on the pallet can be found HERE.
The Painted Chevron Table Runner tutorial is HERE.
The owl and fox candlesticks were from Target last season and are no longer available.
The Wooden Tiered Tray is from Williams Sonoma and can be found HERE.
The Salt and Pepper Shakers are also from Target and can be purchased HERE.